News Movement

A Youth Journalism Program


A New News Literacy Program to Inspire Young Journalists and Create Change

News Movement will teach the youth of Flint various journalistic skills— in writing, research, interviewing, photography, graphic design, videography, broadcast journalism, marketing, brand building, and social media management—and empower them to use them in their community while improving the visibility of Flint youth and their stories in the media.


News Movement will transform the lives of our students and, by and through their work, positively impact families throughout the city.

There are few better ways to advance our mission at SBEV—to cultivate leadership capacity in Flint by giving people a voice in the world—than through student journalism. Since journalism programs are unavailable to students in Flint, career-building opportunities in this sector are foreclosed to our children.

We are therefore offering a new youth journalistic program for young people in Flint, which will focus on local and state government, neighborhoods and community news, including highlights and spotlight articles on residents, businesses and elected officials, a focus on public health in Flint, including the city’s ongoing water crisis.

By the end of the program experience, students will have attained a nuanced understanding of the news industry, secured marketable skills, developed a greater appreciation of civic engagement, and cultivated relationships within the community.



Summer 2019
June 24–August 2, 2019

Fall 2019
Dates Pending.

4119 N Saginaw St
Flint, MI, 48505

Jiquanda Johnson
(810) 893-6098


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