School of Champions

Sports Academy and Gifted Program


A New Youth Athletics Program to Change Lives and Build Dreams

SBEV is proud to announce that we are now offering free developmental leagues and elite clubs to all Flint students. We believe that sports are vehicles to help define and build character. We know that when athletes are driven to reach their full potential while training and striving for one goal as a team, their efforts develop respect, confidence, and trust in one another. Moreover, teamwork develops not only healthy social skills but also the crucial professional and personal mindset that hard work and dedication are vital to becoming champions in all walks of life. Our program philosophy is therefore rooted in promise and in the hope of a brighter future. We will provide an opportunity for every child to develop their talents, gifts, and athletic abilities and become elite athletes who will become graduates and successful citizens.


The SoC will Cultivate Talents, Develop Leaders, and Inspire Greatness

Open to girls and boys ages 8–17, the School of Champions Sports Academy program will not only give every child in the City of Flint access to professional mentors to help them develop their athletic talents but also challenge the students to become elite athletes through an inspiring yet demanding program in which students will eventually travel to national elite sports tournaments where they will be more prominently exposed to college scouts who will be ideally positioned to offer college scholarships to our athletes. Students will also be mentored by professionals in other academic and business fields of interest, such as art, music, technology, health, education, and business administration.


Program Details

4119 N Saginaw ST
Flint, MI 48505

Linnell McKenney
(810) 893-6098