Inspiring Community, Creating Greatness


At SBEV, our mission is to cultivate leadership capacity. We firmly believe that investing in young people is the key to creating compelling and lasting change in our community.


The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village

To both give youth a voice in their world and transform Flint into a just and equitable city, we nurture leadership skills and inspire students to be active, informed, and relentless agents for their success. 

SBEV has partnered with various community organizations to offer a wide array of educational, training, and job placement services to youth in Flint.



From the SKY after-school homework club and adult literacy programming to our technology center, SBEV provides people of the entire city a space to learn, develop, lead, and invest in their future.


Between our services, partner programming, and community gatherings, SBEV proudly hosts events that bring thousands of people through our doors, spark conversations, and improve quality of lives.

Building Services

Located at the former Dewey School, which has been rehabilitated and is currently being upgraded, SBEV offers space tours and rentals.



Skills and Knowledge for Youth

At SKY, our teachers and volunteers will encourage students not only to complete their homework but also to unlock their potential through fun activities that promote teamwork and community.



Youth Sports Programs

Including basketball and football, SBEV's youth sports programs offer various opportunities for Flint children to develop their skills.


News Movement

Youth Journalism

As a news literacy program, News Movement will teach the youth of Flint various journalistic skills and empower them to use them in their community while improving the visibility of children of color and their stories in the media.


Summer Day Camp

Character Counts This Summer

Join us for a summer to remember at SBEV, where we will focus on fun, learning, and athletics! Our theme is "Character Counts This Summer," so our activities will cultivate and promote trustworthiness, respect, caring, love, responsibility, citizenship, and so much more! 


Adult Literacy Program

Adult Basic Education & ESL

We provide instruction and remediation for reading, language, writing, and basic education. Our Adult literacy program focuses on inspiring and empowering our community by providing our learners with the proper instruction and tools to meet their education and workforce goals.



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